What Your HVAC Repairs Could Cost & Why?

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November 18, 2016
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January 11, 2017

How many pages did you visit before you got to one that’ll tell you some real facts about repairing your air conditioning? Probably a lot! That’s because lots of companies will want to avoid educating you on the specifics, and instead try to steer you towards inviting them into your home first and foremost. This is unfortunate because it makes the job of honest service providers much harder as we have to break through your defenses, and thus try even harder to earn your trust. AC Executives has been providing AC repair in Tarrant TX for a very long time, and we hope you’ll read this information to get an idea of how we can help get your unit back to normal.

AC repair in Tarrant TX

The Most Typical Costs and Factors  

Everyone wants a number for the most typical cost, and that number is usually around $300 for a repair, while the range can go from as little as $50 to as high as a $1000. Every problem is going to be different, which means there will be different parameters to tweak and parts to replace. The factors that’ll determine what problem you’re currently facing is the age of the unit, its size, the previous maintenance undertaken on it, and of course how much damage it has suffered from. The typical lifespan of many units is 15 to 20 years at the most, and sometimes it’s easier to replace it when it’s older. The time of year that you’re having a problem is another factor because our services are most in demand during the summertime. Summer of course is when it’s the hottest and when we use our air conditioning the most, which means this is the prime time for a breakdown. Finally, the cost of your repair will depend on how often you’ve changed the air filters, cleansed the coils, and scheduled annual checkups of your unit.

AC repair in Tarrant TX

How Long Can You Go Without A Repair?

That depends on how much you’re willing to pay! The longer you ignore the rattling noises, weird smells, and uneven air flow coming from your unit, the more expensive your repair could typically cost. If you wait too long, a perfectly good unit could need replacing, and your bills will rise to a possibly absurd amount. All the while, your ac unit may not even be keeping your home cool! This is why you should have a service provider like us come regularly to replace any parts, perform a tune up, and help clear the ducts to avoid hiring us for an AC repair in Tarrant TX. If you need a repair though, please call AC Executives at 817-307-9204 so we can inspect your unit as soon as possible. Go ahead and write down the model unit and serial number too if you’d like to help us find a solution to your problem right away. All of our technicians have NATE certifications which require a considerable amount of knowledge to attain, but guarantees that you’re working with a true HVAC expert. Hope to talk to you soon!