UV Lights in Richland Hill, TX

UV Lights in Richland Hill, Fort Worth, TX and Surrounding Areas

There are many types of air contaminants in the average home, which can be put into three broad categories. These are vapors and odors, airborne impurities and biological contaminants, such as mold spores, flu virus, and bacteria. Vapors, odors and airborne impurities are easy to deal with because all you need to have is an HVAC system fitted with HEPA filters. Biological contaminants, however, are too minute to be captured by filters. That’s where UV lights come in. Ultraviolet radiation is known to be able to kill bacteria and viruses among other types of pathogens. In fact, they are used in food processing facilities and hospitals to prevent contamination.

UV Lights for HVAC Systems

There are many makes and models of UV lamps designed for HVAC systems. Some lamps are designed to be installed in air ducts while others are designed for installation in the air handler, next to the evaporator coils. We are certified to install all types of UV lamps in both residential and commercial property, so we can easily help you improve the IAQ in your indoor spaces.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

A typical home or business premise has dozens of contaminants that can significantly lower IAQ and home comfort. By installing HEPA filters in the HVAC system, UV lamps in the air ducts and

UV Lights in Richland Hill, TX

whole house air purifiers, you can be assured of breathing clean air in your home or business premise. The EPA blames poor IAQ for most respiratory problems that people have. In fact, poor IAQ has been ranked among the top 5 dangers to public health. By simply installing UV lamps, which costs next to nothing compared to the cost of treating respiratory conditions, you can be assured of having breathing air that’s free of biological contaminants. Call us today for consultations or to schedule a service.

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