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June 29, 2016
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August 19, 2016

Ask any HVAC expert and they will tell you that they fail to understand why people who have spent a lot of money buying an air conditioner would try to install it by themselves. It is important for folks to understand that some installations, such as that of an air conditioner, are not DIY projects. A badly installed unit is unsafe and will be unable to function efficiently. AC Executives offers air conditioning installation Southlake TX residents can take advantage of. The company also offers AC maintenance, repair and service.

A Job for the Professionals

Installing an AC does not simply mean placing it in your home and plugging it to a power source. The air conditioner unit has to be installed safely based on the kind of unit you have chosen. Our team of technicians will help you decide the best spot for installation that will ensure that the machine cools the room effectively.

Whether it is a window or a split AC it is vital that the machine is placed only after inspection the building. The safety of your home and its residents is a priority when the AC is being installed. Also, the unit must be kept clean at all times. To this end our technicians will recommend a spot where the machine is unlikely to easily gather debris, dust and dirt.

AC Maintenance and Service

AC Executives understands that merely installing an air conditioner properly does not ensure that it will function effectively in the long run. We also recommend that customers consider AC maintenance contracts. Our team of technicians will visit the home and check all vital parts of the machine and clean them. They will be able to detect any issues that need further investigation and accordingly follow up. Do bear in mind, a dirty air filter and coil can affect AC performance and increase your energy bills. Call AC Executives for professional AC installation today!