Most Common AC Repair Problems We See All The Time

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February 14, 2017
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April 24, 2017

air conditioning repair in Tarrant TX

Is your AC acting up yet again, and you have no idea why? It’s perfectly normal for any air conditioner to have problems every once in a while, and we here at AC Executives are here to educate you about the most common problems your home may be facing. Before we get into the particulars it’s important to understand that 1) we can’t list EVERY problem that may have occurred and 2) we may not be able to tell you EXACTLY what’s wrong from just this blog post. Air conditioners are tough machines that are built to withstand a lot of abuse in the forms of extreme heat and cold of course as well as dirt and lint that can clog it up. Without further ado here are some of the most prevalent AC mishaps we’ve seen while performing air conditioning repair in Tarrant, TX.

Lack Of Maintenance

The main reason you’ve always been told to practice preventative maintenance chores like replacing your air filters to prevent your internal parts from getting clogged up. Your air conditioning unit is built to filter out all the stuff in your air that can make your home stuffy and unclean, but it can only do that if it can regularly remove that stuff. All of these particles have the potential to force the nuts and bolts in your system to break down completely if they can’t overcome the resistance that’s caused by it. So one of the services we offer is to get deep inside of your unit to clean areas that you really shouldn’t touch yourself. Your coils and motors need proper attention and too many times we’ve seen them get damaged when one of our customers has tried to clean it themselves.

air conditioning repair in Tarrant, TX

Low Amount Of Refrigerant Coolant

This problem occurs when your air conditioner isn’t blowing out cool enough air due to either a leak somewhere in your system or because it was charged too low at some point. What our technicians do when they suspect this problem is to look deep inside at the most common areas to see how to stop this leak, and then of course they’ll recharge your coolant. It’s very important to have a professional handle this as these materials can cause harm to the environment once they’re out in the open. So please don’t recharge your coolant constantly!

Internal Mechanical Or Electrical Problems

The parts that run your motors, coils, fans, and thermostat are all dependent on one another and need to be regularly tuned to perform at it’s most efficient settings. The controls can wear down and get miscalibrated over time, and need to be adjusted regularly so that you can depend on it to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Hopefully we’ve given some insight into what may be causing your problems, but if you think we need to visit please give us a call at 817-307-9204 to have air conditioning repair in Tarrant, TX performed for you and your family.