Humidifiers in Richland Hills, TX

Humidifiers in Richland Hills, Fort Worth, TX and Surrounding Areas

Humidifiers in Richland Hills, TXFew people pay attention to the level of relative humidity in their home, but high or low humidity can significantly lower home comfort. For instance, high humidity can make windows foggy, cause water damage on walls, create a musty odor in the house and make your skin feel clammy. On the other hand, low humidity during the cold months of the year can make your skin feel dry. You will also feel colder than it actually is. Keeping warm will also be extremely difficult since air will have a low heat-carrying capacity. Low humidity can also exacerbate respiratory illnesses. To remedy this problem, you may need to install humidifiers around the house to raise the relative humidity to the recommended 40 to 50%.

How They Work

There are many types of humidifiers and they all use different technologies. However, they perform the same function; adding moisture to dry air. A common type of humidifier draws dry air from the room and passes it through a water-saturated filter. The result is increased moisture content in the outgoing air. After a few cycles, the relative humidity level inside the room will be much higher than it was. When in need of a humidifier, it is important you consult a reputable HVAC company to help you choose the right device. You want a device that can quickly, effectively and comfortably raise the relative humidity in your home. You also want a humidifier that operates quietly and does not consume a lot of power.

Professional Humidifier Installation

We are a licensed HVAC company with NATE certified technicians who have been professionally trained to design, install, repair and maintain HVAC systems and accessories. Our technicians can assess your indoor air quality and prescribe the best humidifier to help keep humidity levels in your home at the recommended levels. Call us today to schedule a service.

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