Ductless Installation in Richland Hills, TX

Ductless Installation in Richland Hills, Fort Worth, TX and Surrounding Areas

Ductless Installation in Richland Hills, TXDuctless mini split air conditioners are gaining a lot of traction because of their numerous advantages over competing systems. Compared to centralized ACs, these provide users with individualized settings per room. Compared to window units, they have a smaller indoor footprint, are less destructive on the walls, and are less likely to cause any noise issues. Having two separate indoor and outdoor components turned out to be a stroke of genius. Here are some things to remember for ductless installation:

The Indoor Unit

This does not have to be located on an outside wall. You can always opt to have it placed on an adjacent indoor wall as long as the air hose will be able to reach the outdoor unit within a reasonable length. This is usually fairly small compared to window units. It is perfect for tiny rooms where wall space is precious. Remember that all it really contains is the thermostat, the evaporator coils, and the air handler. It runs quietly even at night.

The Outdoor Unit

This contains the bulk of the AC parts, most notably the motor and the condenser. These are the ones which are truly responsible for cooling the air but they can make quite a bit of noise along the way. Their placement outside the house shields the homeowners from the unwanted sounds. Just be sure to keep this unit protected from direct sunlight so that it doesn’t work harder than it should. Air circulation around it must also be maintained at a good level by having space between it and plants as well as other structures. Ductless installation costs a bit more than window unit installation because of the added complexity of a second component but the benefits outweigh this for a lot of homeowners. Get a competitive rate from a reliable contractor. Call us today.

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