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June 29, 2016
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June 29, 2016

Our Air Conditioning Installation Keller TX Services

As AC Executives Air Conditioning & Heating, we want you to experience comfort in your home. We make it our business to ensure air conditioners are properly installed so you enjoy constant temperatures regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. Our AC technicians are professionals and have years of experience in AC installation service.

Installing ACs the Right Way

You may leave it to you contractor to get the AC unit installed as you make the final touches to your new house. But one big question to ask yourself is: are they specifically trained to work with HVAC units? Our AC Executives Air Conditioning & Heating technicians have been setting up ACs in homes for several years, and they understand the technicalities of the job. They will follow all guidelines laid down by the AC manufacturer for your home temperature to always be constant.

We can adapt to your Home Changes

If you recently renovated your home, it means layouts changed and this will also affect the AC unit you are going to fix. With the years of experience on the job, we can easily adapt to your house changes. This means recalculating the room sizes and advice on the best AC to put in. We can also be there to inspect the new duct work and guarantee it was properly reinstalled.

Additional Services

Not only do our technicians mount AC units in your home, but they also carry out repair services whenever there is a fault. If you still use the old ACs, we can advice on new ones that are more energy efficient. But if you want to use the old unit, we will fix and calibrate it for you so you save energy.

We pride ourselves in providing seamless air conditioning installation Keller TX. We are professionals with years of experience in mounting air conditioners in homes and businesses in and around Keller TX. Call us today and we will provide a quote for you, free of charge.