AC Tune-Up in Richland Hills, TX

AC Tune-Up in Richland Hills, Fort Worth, TX and Surrounding Areas

When most people think of the air conditioner, they only envision the unit sitting outside of their homes and businesses. However, there are many parts to an AC just as there are many pars to an automobile. Therefore, AC Tune-Up in necessary from time to time to prevent it from unexpectedly shutting down. Even the unit consists of many internal parts that work in unison, and the entire unit could malfunction if just one of these parts stops working.

Do I Need an AC Tune Up

AC Tune UpIf there’s ice forming around your unit then it’s definitely time for a tune-up. There are several different components that can malfunction and lead to the build-up of ice in or around the unit. If the fan has stopped functioning then ice will eventually build up around the unit. The coolant is extremely cold, but the fan helps to keep the coils above the freezing point. When the fan malfunctions, it won’t take long for the entire unit to shut down. Ice can also be caused by debris inside the evaporator unit. It’s more difficult to detect this problem and only a professional should ever try to deal with the unit’s internal parts. The ice can also be the result of low coolant levels. This may seem odd, but coils with low coolant levels are much colder than with adequate levels of coolant.

Sometimes it’s possible to melt the ice by running the unit in fan mode for a few hours. However, it’s only a matter of time before this issue causes the AC to act up again. This is why it’s best to have an AC tune-up at least every six months so a professional can examine the internal parts and make sure the unit performs at its best. Call us today!

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